Clockwise from top: John Krieglestein, director; LouAnn Howard, associate director; Barb Enquist, administrative assistant; Kristi Griffith, registrar
The Mid-America Office of Education serves local conferences in our territory by developing and maintaining the Adventist educational enterprise amid the challenges of the 21st century. The teacher is the hub on which the wheel of Adventist education turns. Each year the academic records of 375 elementary and secondary teachers are submitted to this office for review of their certification status and assistance where needed. The MAUC educational department also provides administrative support for local conference superintendents and academy principals.

Looking beyond the basic operations of the educational system, the Union office cultivates the development of new schools while sustaining the vision of existing schools. It is a continual challenge to ensure that everything about our schools harmonizes with the mission of Adventist education.

As we look to the future, the MAUC educational office is proposing a commission to study how Adventist education can best meet the needs of Mid-America's young people. Armed with that information, they will optimize the marketing of Christian education by local churches, schools and conferences—not only to our own members but to the community at large. This will maximize the evangelistic potential of Christian education. Another benefit is increased enrollment, which will strengthen the financial picture. The ultimate goal is securing the future of our schools so they can continue to equip and empower young people to take their place in our church family as soul-winners and disciple-makers.

John Kriegelstein is director of the office of education and serves as associate for secondary education and curriculum. LouAnn Howard is the associate director of the office of education and serves as associate for elementary education and curriculum. They have an able and dedicated support staff in Kristi Griffith and Barb Engquist.








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