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Our Mission

"The purpose of the Women's Ministries Department of Mid-America Union Conference is to intentionally encourage women and provide resources and training opportunities for ministry."

Our Vision

The vision of the Mid- America Union Women's Ministries Department is to inspire each woman to daily walk with Jesus. We want them to be equipped, encouraged, and especially nurtured. We want our women to use the talents God has given each of them and to be the woman they were created to be.

We want to help cast the vision of a ministry for every woman because Women's Ministries is about service not only to the women within the church but to the women in the community. Personal growth is an important element of ministry to women. We want to provide opportunities for women to grow by offering training seminars, leadership certification events to encourage women toward involvement in small church ministries, evangelism, Bible study groups, public speaking and community involvement. 

We love to invite women into the Seventh-day Adventist Church; nothing thrills us more. However, our ultimate goal is for every woman to have an intimate relationship with Jesus—to know Him as her best friend.

Special Women's Ministries Days

Women in Mid-America Union join other women from all around the world church in observance of the following annual General Conference Women's Ministries Sabbaths:

  • Second Sabbath in June:  Women's Ministries Emphasis Day  is designed to recognize the function of the Women's Ministries in the church, in the home, and in the community.
  • Second Sabbath in July (only at NAD): Women's Ministries Offering Day is designed so that funds are collected at the local church to support evangelism and leadership training of Women's Ministries leaders.
  • Fourth Sabbath in August: Abuse Prevention Emphasis Day focuses on eliminating abuse in all its forms.
  • First Sabbath in March: Women's Day of Prayer The importance of prayer in our lives and in Women's Ministries cannot be overstated.

Women's Ministries Events


Women's Ministries Conference Directors

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