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PRESIDENT (click for photo, bio, contact)

The president leads vision articulation for the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Mid-America, harmonizing with the mission statement of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Working with the rest of the leadership team in the Mid-America Union office and the leaders of its six constituent conferences the president is responsible for the efficient functioning of the varied dynamics of the church organization. The president is also responsible for maintaining the integrity of this region of the denomination in relation to the worldwide Church.

The union president is a member of the executive committee of the North American Division and the General Conference. In that role, this individual represents the Mid-America Union membership to the world Church, and likewise represents world Church leadership to church members in Mid-America. As a part of the bond among Adventist ministries, the president is a member of the boards of directors for a number of higher education and healthcare institutions, as well as media and outreach ministries. The president chairs the board of Union College and works closely with its administration to insure its success.

VICE PRESIDENT FOR ADMINISTRATION (click for photo, bio, contact)

In the Mid-America Union, the secretary carries the title of vice president for administration and is the second officer of the union. The responsibility of the vice president for administration is to ensure the smooth operation of the Mid-America Union Conference and its entities as it relates to policy development, implementation and interpretation. This individual prepares and distributes committee agendas and minutes and compiles membership statistics and reports. It is also the responsibility of the administrative vice president to assist the union and local conferences in the development of constitutions and bylaws.

The administrative vice president assists the president of the union in leading the local conferences and serves as vice chair of the executive committee meeting and Union College board. This person is also the human relations officer, the human resources director, and completes special projects as requested by the executive committee and/or president.

Additionally, the administrative vice president serves on various committees in the North American Division and is a member of the Adventist Health System board and presidents council.

VICE PRESIDENT FOR FINANCE (click for photo, bio, contact)

The vice president for finance serves the members of the Mid-America Union in regard to finances and stewardship. This officer ensures that funds entrusted to the care of the Mid-America Union Conference are processed according to the highest professional and spiritual standards stipulated by denominational policies and governmental requirements, as certified by independent auditors. 

This administrator is also available to answer questions members may have about finances and to provide opportunities for supporting God's work through special gifts, annuities, bequests and trusts.

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