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Mid-America Union President

Thomas L. Lemon

Photo of Thomas LemonThomas L. Lemon is the president of the Mid-America Union, elected Nov. 18, 2010 by the executive committee in session at headquarters in Lincoln, Nebraska. He leads 66,000 Seventh-day Adventists in six local conferences within the nine-state region of the nation's heartland.

Previously Lemon served as vice president for administration of the Mid-America Union, transitioning from having been president of the Minnesota Conference.

Elder Lemon began his career as a pastor in Maryland; he also served in Texas. He moved to Mid-America territory in 1996 as assistant to the president of Rocky Mountain Conference. He then served as ministerial director in Oregon before accepting the leadership of Minnesota in 2006.

Lemon earned his BA degree in theology at Southwestern Union College (now Southwestern Adventist University) and a master of divinity degree from Andrews University Seminary.

Lemon is married to the former Jan Elmendorf, a career educator. They are the parents of two adult children and have three grandsons and one granddaughter.

Tom recalls meeting Jan at a church fundraising social: "We were children at the time. I was a visitor at the party. Three years later we met again at my grandparents home in Berrien Springs, Michigan, where I worked at a summer job along with a cousin. Jan's sister and my cousin were friends from Ozark Academy. When her family vacationed through Michigan they stopped to see my cousin and I was there.

"That happened two summers. Although we would not see each other again for four more years, we started writing letters. This continued through the vicissitudes of teen years and into college. We both consider that how we met was part of God's divine plan."

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