Adventist Christian Fellowship Institute-Mid-America Union is, first and foremost, a training event designed to disciple and inspire students, as well as help them build skills and understanding in the inner workings of being on a leadership team of an ACF Chapter. It is also a great opportunity to meet other ACF Chapter members from around the Mid-America Union. There will be amazing General Sessions, as well as very practical breakouts on all things ACF.


All young adults, ACF student-leaders, campus chaplains and pastors, conference and union youth and young adult ministries directors and any leaders or anyone desiring to learn about ministry with and for college students on public college campuses.


Registration is available until July 31, 2024 or when 50 attendees register.

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The registration fee is $25 and includes lodging and meals on Friday, Sabbath, and Sunday.

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Featured Speaker

Pastor Jonathan Min is serving at the University SDA Church in East Lansing, Michigan which is located across from Michigan State University. He works closely with the Adventist student group on campus and seeks to build a community of committed young people.

Workshop: Friendship Evangelism
There’s a common misconception that soul winning is reserved for the pastor alone–or by preaching alone. However, the majority of life changing encounters you find in scripture are the one-on-one interviews. In this workshop we’ll look at biblical principles of a kind of evangelism that anyone can do.

Pastor Mackenzie Jean

Workshop: Student Leader on Campus. This workshop will help shape the role and responsibilities for student leaders with a campus ministry. This includes best practices with the club as well as faith practices.

Pastor Daniel

Pastor Daniel serves a Collegedale Korean Church in Tennessee. He is married to Miel, and they have three children: Daniel, Abigail, and Noel. Pastor Daniel believes in the inherent patterns within the Bible and is passionate about helping others unlock its profound messages. In his free time, he enjoys photography, travel, and reading. Workshop: The Periodic Table of the Bible.

Esther Kim

has served as a campus ministry leader at Bryn Mawr College and is currently serving at Iowa State University and ANEW (A grassroots student-run campus ministry network for NAD). She loves connecting with people and serving the Lord! Workshop: How to Manage Spiritual and Emotional Struggles as a Campus Ministry Leader. As a spiritual leader, we run into the problem of carrying burdens or being overwhelmed by the spiritual/emotional struggles. It’s not easy trying to be like Jesus all the time! In this workshop, we will discuss experiences and ways to overcome such struggles.

Pastor Darrel Lindensmith

Pastor Darrel has been working at one State University for 13 years and two years ago added another school. His focus has been to connect campus ministry outreach with local church evangelism, employing and training students to participate in Apologetics resource book tables on campus where conversation and friendships can begin. Workshop: Campus Apologetics 101

Thank You to Our Partners:

Advent Collegiate KC, Adventist Christian Fellowship (ACF) at Iowa State University, Just Jesus – Intelligent Design Fellowship Group, Mid-America Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Special thanks to AdventSource, Central States Conference Center, and New Haven Seventh-day Adventist Church.