The MAUC Communication Department works to strengthen our local conferences and institutions by providing a steady flow of leadership, communication, mentoring and training.  We strive to create a compelling and comprehensive awareness of how members, leaders and institutions are fulfilling the gospel calling of the Seventh-day Adventist Church throughout our nine-state territory. The goal of this communication is to build on the sense of ownership among our constituents that inspires personal commitment and enthusiastic participation.

OUTLOOK magazine is the signature product of Mid-America’s Communication Department. Besides reporting news, OUTLOOK shares inspiration through editorials and stories from leaders and members who are making a difference. Our digital edition, OUTLOOK Online, features exclusive content including photos, videos, podcasts, articles and blogs. Our product suite also includes myOUTLOOK newsletter, a weekly email update on happenings in our territory and beyond.

In addition, we focus on strengthening the reputation of the Seventh-day Adventist Church among members and communities in the Mid-America region, and offer support and encouragement to conferences and local congregations in maximizing their potential for sharing the vision of their leadership, building community among members, and optimizing opportunities with their local media. Exciting opportunities for digital outreach continue to emerge as we further develop online tools.


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