Church and Youth Ministries

Church Ministries provides leadership and support to our six local conferences in the areas of Children’s Ministries, Young Adults, Sabbath School, Small Group Ministries, Health Ministries, Personal Ministries and Evangelism, and Family Life and Recovery.

Evangelism and Small Groups

The mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church is to share the everlasting gospel with the entire world. The most effective way to accomplish that mission is through small groups in the local church. Specific seminars and materials are provided to help pastors and small groups within the church as they share the everlasting gospel in preparation for Christ’s soon return.

Family Life

Because so much of what impacts an individual’s spiritual development happens as a result of family issues and needs, Family life covers a wide variety of ministries. Seminars and materials for specific needs are provided and encouraged. Such seminars include materials for singles, premarital counseling, parenting skills, and marriage enrichment.

Recovery and Spiritual Development

The good news of the gospel extends to healing the brokenhearted, binding up the wounds of those who are emotionally damaged, setting at liberty those who are held captive by addiction, and aiding those who are victims of abuse. Specific seminars and materials for individuals and families seeking recovery from abuse, emotional damage, and depression are provided.

Adventist Community Services is the humanitarian agency of the Seventh-day Adventist Church that works within the United States and Bermuda. Adventist Community Services meets people’s immediate needs through social services including:

  • Tutoring and mentoring programs
  • Youth volunteer groups
  • Health screening
  • Education
  • Inner city missions
  • Disaster response

In the Mid-America Union, Adventist Community Services Disaster Response provides services to disaster victims, their families, and communities. When disaster strikes, local church and conference disaster coordinators evaluate the damage and situation, and then take appropriate action. Collection centers are designated to receive donated items and distribution centers are set up to serve the needs of victims with clothing, household items and other items. If needed, Adventist Community Services Disaster Response manages warehouse operations where donated goods are stored and organized for distribution. It also provides door-to-door visitations, listening posts, and pastoral care for disaster victims’ emotional and spiritual needs.

During the summer season, youth camps are part of many children’s summer activities, and provides a fun experience with the opportunity to make new friends, while participating in outdoor activities in an environment intentionally committed to strengthening the camper’s relationship with God and His creation. 

Together with National Camps for the Blind, camps in the Mid-American Union also provide special opportunities for blind children and adults are able to enjoy the camp experience, providing self-confidence and motivation to participants.

The Mid-America Union is home to 8 summer camps and organizes events throughout the year to enhance the summer camp program. Camp facilities may be rented for church, corporate, or family events. Each camp has a variety of facilities and opportunities available to you.

Children’s Ministries

Empowering Leaders. Impacting Kids.

The GraceLink curriculum you have been accustomed to using over the years for your Sabbath School classes will be discontinued at the end of 2024 and a new curriculum, Alive in Jesus, will take its place in January of 2025. Visit our Alive in Jesus website to learn more about this transition.

Adventurer Club

Adventurer Club is a comprehensive ministry focused on parenting skills. The age group is seven to nine years of age. Clubs meet weekly or monthly in local churches. Awards are earned by the children and parenting skills are learned by the parents. Yearly events include special fun days and campouts organized by the local conferences.

Pathfinder Club

Pathfinder Club is the scouting ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Clubs meet weekly in local churches. Meetings incorporate earning honor badges and working on progressive class work. Camping skills are enhanced by campouts. Events, including camporees and fairs, are planned by local conferences.

To learn more about the 2025 International Pathfinder Camporee visit their website

For more information visit

Providing practical resources, training, and mentoring opportunities to youth leaders and their youth, and creating a youth ministries presence in every church.

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    The MAUC Communication Department works to strengthen our local conferences and institutions by providing a steady flow of leadership, communication, mentoring and training.  We strive to create a compelling and comprehensive awareness of how members, leaders and institutions are fulfilling the gospel calling of the Seventh-day Adventist Church throughout our nine-state territory. The goal of this communication is to build on the sense of ownership among our constituents that inspires personal commitment and enthusiastic participation.

    OUTLOOK magazine is the signature product of Mid-America’s Communication Department. Besides reporting news, OUTLOOK shares inspiration through editorials and stories from leaders and members who are making a difference. Our digital edition, OUTLOOK Online, features exclusive content including photos, videos, podcasts, articles and blogs. Our product suite also includes myOUTLOOK newsletter, a weekly email update on happenings in our territory and beyond.

    In addition, we focus on strengthening the reputation of the Seventh-day Adventist Church among members and communities in the Mid-America region, and offer support and encouragement to conferences and local congregations in maximizing their potential for sharing the vision of their leadership, building community among members, and optimizing opportunities with their local media. Exciting opportunities for digital outreach continue to emerge as we further develop online tools.

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      Adventist education seeks to develop a life of faith in God and respect for the dignity of all human beings; to build character akin to that of the Creator; to nurture thinkers rather than mere reflectors of others’ thoughts; to promote loving service rather than selfish ambition; to ensure maximum development of each individual’s potential; and to embrace all that is true, good, and beautiful. (Journey to Excellence 2.0)

      The Mid-America Office of Education supports the six local conferences in enabling learners to develop a life of faith in God, and to use their knowledge, skills, and understandings to serve God and humanity. We work with the North American Division Office of Education in developing resources that assist educators and work with Mid-America conferences and schools in implementing the vision.

      The vision is also supported by serving as the teacher certification agent for the North American Division. Our certification registrar maintains records for each teacher in the Mid-America Union and issues denominational teacher certificates based on the requirements in the North America Division PK-12 Educators’ Certification Manual. Each of the teachers and administrators in Mid-America are required to hold denominational certification.

      The Office of Education also works closely with the North American Division Commission on Accreditation to ensure that all Mid-America schools are accredited to operate as Adventist schools. This process holds a school accountable for its own objectives, assures the church and constituency that the school offers programs of quality, and provides professional personnel. This process is the basis for continuous school improvement, evaluation, and accreditation.

      The ultimate goal of the Mid-America Office of Education is to work with the local conferences and division  in providing “something better” to our learners.

      LouAnn Howard is the director of education and serves as the associate for early childhood and elementary education. Gerard Ban serves as the associate director for secondary education. Kristi Griffith is the teacher certification registrar, and Barb Engquist is the office administrative assistant.

      Education Resources


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        Hispanic Ministries

        We will all remember 2020, not only for the cancelations but also the many miracles God did during the pandemic as we kept spreading Jesus’ love in our communities—but virtually.

        During a year when the majority of the churches were closed, from the Hispanic Ministries Department we helped coordinate:

        • A/V classes to help pastors improve lighting, audio and video to better serve congregations
        • Union-wide seminars for lay members on how to be missionaries on social media
        • Many evangelistic series by pastors and lay members together (21 baptized on one Sabbath)
        • Small groups being formed or revitalized
        • An increase in tithe and offerings
        • The planting of a new company
        • An online program with all Hispanic coordinators, hearing members’ testimonies from all five conferences and praising the Lord together with a renewed spirit of joy and humbleness and assurance of the Lord’s leading.

        Even though the future is still unknown, we know God takes care of His people.

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          Human Resources

          The MAUC Human Resources Department affirms its commitment to the Gospel Commission and Strengthening God’s work by providing professional services to administrators and staff. A high priority of MAUC HR is to assist in creating effective policies, practices and a mutually acceptable alliance between the Mid-America Union Conference and those who work within the organization. We also strive to be a resource to our Conferences.

          The presentation prior to roll-out of the NAD Healthcare Assistance plans, held September 18, 2017 in Lincoln, Nebraska:

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            The ministerial department’s primary mission is to enhance the ministry of pastors in Mid-America by coordinating, equipping, supporting, and empowering local conference ministerial directors in their professional and personal lives as they, in turn, care for the pastors in their individual conferences.

            Among the services we make available:

            • Host a collegial information sharing network for ministerial directors of our six constituent conferences.
            • Provide or highlight resources to local conference ministerial directors that enable pastoral professional growth and spiritual activity
            • Plan and host pastors conventions in Mid-America
            • Accept speaking appointments for pastors’ meetings, camp meetings, special church weekends, and church worship services
            • Assistance in strategic planning and creating functional structures for congregations upon request
            • Encourage participation in field-based education programs such as the Master of Pastoral Ministry program from Andrews University to refine and hone the skills of our pastoral ranks and establish professional parity across our field
            • Conduct continuing education opportunities around the union as requested by MAUC and local conference administrations
            • Provide pastoral leadership coaching upon request
            • Plan and host retreats and workshops for specific pastoral groups as requested by MAUC and local conference administrations

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              Religious Liberty


              On average, 15 Seventh-day Adventists in North America lose their jobs each week for choosing to keep the Sabbath. Led by attorney Darrel Huenergardt, the Mid-America Union religious liberty service is working hard to support local pastors and conference religious liberty leaders in defending the rights of Sabbath keepers in the workplace. Huenergardt also supports members with other issues that concern religious freedom while maintaining friendships with those not of our faith who share a common commitment to religious liberty.

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                The Mid-America Union Treasury department serves the conferences of the Mid-America Union in regard to finances and stewardship. The department ensures that funds entrusted to the care of the Mid-America Union Conference are processed according to the highest professional and spiritual standards stipulated by denominational policies and governmental requirements, as certified by independent auditors.
                During the Spring 2021 Executive committee meeting the following report was given by the Treasury department:

                2020 was a year of contrast. We had major unknowns starting in the first quarter of the year with the outbreak of COVID-19. Our largest unknown from a treasury standpoint was where tithe would end up. Some throughout the NAD were thinking we could be as far down as 25% for the year in tithe. Then we had our office needing to comply with local COVID-19 requirements for a few months back in April and May, which meant employees working remotely if they could. Many programs had to be postponed or canceled out right and travel basically came to a stop. We learned what it meant to attend meetings remotely.

                The contrast to those major unknowns turned out to be that the members of MAUC local churches were incredibly faithful in finding a way to continue to support their church. The final tithe figure in December 2020 was a tithe gain of 0.05%. That is nothing short of a miracle. Even with the union giving back to the local conferences $584,730 (the equivalent of 1% of their gross 2019 tithe) the union ended the year with a $157,183 gain.

                The reason for this gain, even with the COVID-19 relief money the union was able to send back, is based in a large part on the fact that
                we budgeted conservatively at 95%, actual tithe came in at 100% of the previous year, and with meetings being canceled there comes related travel expense savings. Medical ended the year positive, although not by a huge amount, and we had several open positions for parts of the year that helped save salary cost.

                We have been able to allocate money for all the projects we as a committee had voted to do. There are some new programs we will need to start saving for, such as GC and related outreach programs, Pathfinder camporee, and several NAD wide meetings coming to our territory in the next few years.
                The bottom line is: God is good, and still in control even when we can’t see the end from where we sit.

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                  Women’s Ministries

                  Women’s Ministries is about supporting women both in the church and in the community. When COVID really became a problem, it made us realize we had to do things in a new way. Our retreats were just around the corner and how to manage getting together for spiritual renewal and fellowship was upper most in our mind. Every conference managed some very special events, we had retreats, Bible studies, classes, and special surprises.

                  We just finished participating in the MAUC Ministries Convention, where we had a variety of seminars on prayer, depression, scamming, preparedness, mentoring, grief, and surrender. We offered seminars in both Spanish and English.

                  COVID has been a challenge and yet we acknowledge it has also been a blessing. We know that we can adapt and serve Jesus in a whole new way. Zoom has made it easy to be connected with women we have never connected with before. We are thankful to serve in a new way.

                  Women in Mid-America Union join other women from all around the world church in observance of the following annual General Conference Women’s Ministries Sabbaths:

                  • Second Sabbath in June: Women’s Ministries Emphasis Day is designed to recognize the function of the Women’s Ministries in the church, in the home, and in the community.
                  • Second Sabbath in July (only at NAD): Women’s Ministries Offering Day is designed so that funds are collected at the local church to support evangelism and leadership training of Women’s Ministries leaders.
                  • Fourth Sabbath in August: Abuse Prevention Emphasis Day focuses on eliminating abuse in all its forms.
                  • First Sabbath in March: Women’s Day of Prayer The importance of prayer in our lives and in Women’s Ministries cannot be overstated.

                  Dakota Conference Women’s Retreat
                  Branded for Christ
                  How the Rest were Won

                  September 29-October 1, 2023
                  Rough Riders Hotel
                  Medora, North Dakota
                  Speaker: Pastor Cheri Gatton
                  Resister online at

                  Minnesota Women’s Retreat
                  Reflecting God’s Light in Darkness
                  Speaker: DeeAnn Bragaw, North American Division Women’s Ministries Director
                  November 3-5, 2023
                  Alexandria, MN
                  To register: Tabitha.
                  Kansas-Nebraska Women’s Retreat
                  Better Together
                  October 6-8
                  Speaker: Dr. Lisa Clark Diller
                  Location: Courtyard by Marriot
                  Junction City, KS
                  To Register:
                  Mariam Dovald at
                  Rocky Mountain Conference Women’s Retreat
                  Exploring the Mysteries of God
                  Speaker: Dr. Yami Bazan
                  Yami is Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Loma Linda School of Medicine
                  Music guest: Gale Jones-Murphy
                  Location: Glacier View Ranch
                  To Register: 970-227-6151

                  Donna Brown | 913.680.7516 | email

                  DAKOTA CONFERENCE
                  Paulette Bullinger | 701.319.0103 | email

                  Gail Coridan | 515.223.1197 | email

                  Mariam Dovald | 785.478.4726 | email

                  MINNESOTA CONFERENCE
                  Tabitha Isaboke | 763.406.2682 | email

                  Jana Thurber | 817-559-0311 | email

                  Patty Rivera | 303.910.3548 |  email

                  North American Division
                  DeeAnn Bragaw, director | 443-391-7264 | email
                  Erica Jones, Assistant Director | 443-391-7265 | email

                  General Conference
                  Heather Dawn Small | 301-680-6000 | email

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